Send a real printed postcard with a message of hope and encouragement to the children affected by the 50 school closings in Chicago. (Why?)

You choose a postcard design from those offered here, or upload your own image. You write an uplifting message or just sign your name, and a REAL postcard is sent to the students at a Chicago Public School who will be affected by the recent school actions related to a school closing, a school relocation, or a school turnaround. That's it.

Some generous folks have underwritten the costs associated with printing and mailing these postcards. Others have donated their design skills or talents to pulling this project together.

If you would like to "pass it on" and donate towards the costs of sending these postcards of support to Chicago elementary school students, please donate here

Every dollar you donate through Raise Your Hand purchases a credit for others to send a postcard. This project is being provided to us at cost. There will be no extra funds collected for anything else. ALl donations go to the purchase of the card stock, printing, cost of the microsite, and postage. That's it.

This project will end on June 21, 2013 before the last day of the school year for Chicago Public Schools.

No matter what your personal knowledge or involvement has been on the recent School Actions on voted on by the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education, it's clear that this year has been extremely challenging for closing school communities. We can't change that but we can show our support through this time of change and uncertainty.

Public education, at its very best, is about supporting lifelong learning.

This project is not about politics nor partisanship. It's about support for school communities. We reserve the right to not send any postcards that mention specific names of officials or groups involved in the school closings, or that attempt to place blame, or that use inappropriate or negative language. These postcards will go directly to the school office and not to students. The school will decide what to do with them.

We've provided you with easy access to the addresses of the schools which have been voted on to be closed, turned-around, or relocated. You'll be able to send a postcard to these schools with just a few taps!

A CPS parent who works with Raise Your Hand reached out to Mike Marsh, the Founder & CEO of Postcards Anywhere to see if he would be interested in helping with this type of project. He enthusiastically pitched in with support and resources and, well, here we are.


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Altgeld Elementary School
1340 W 71st St
Chicago, IL 60636
Louis Armstrong Math & Science Elementary School
5345 W Congress Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60644
Banneker Elementary School
6656 S Normal Blvd
Chicago, IL 60621
Bethune Elementary School
3030 W Arthington St
Chicago, IL 60612
Bontemps Elementary School
1241 W 58th St
Chicago, IL 60636
Buckingham Special Education Center
9207 S Phillips Ave
Chicago, IL 60617
Calhoun North Elementary School
2833 W Adams St
Chicago, IL 60612
Canter Middle School
4959 S Blackstone Ave
Chicago, IL 60615
Delano Elementary School
3937 W Wilcox St
Chicago, IL 60624
Dumas Technology Academy
6650 S Ellis Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Duprey Elementary School
2620 W Hirsch St
Chicago, IL 60622
Emmet Elementary School
5500 W Madison St
Chicago, IL 60644
Fermi Elementary School
1415 E 70th St
Chicago, IL 60637
Garfield Park Preparatory Academy ES
3250 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60624
Goldblatt Elementary School
4257 W Adams St
Chicago, IL 60624
Goodlow Elementary Magnet School
2040 W 62nd St
Chicago, IL 60636
Henson Elementary School
1326 S Avers Ave
Chicago, IL 60623
Herbert Elementary School
2131 W Monroe St
Chicago, IL 60612
Key Elementary School
517 N Parkside Ave
Chicago, IL 60644
King Elementary School
740 S Campbell Ave
Chicago, IL 60612
Kohn Elementary School
10414 S State St
Chicago, IL 60628
Lafayette Elementary School
2714 W Augusta Blvd
Chicago, IL 60622
Lawrence Elementary School
9928 S Crandon Ave
Chicago, IL 60617
Marconi Elementary Community Academy
230 N Kolmar Ave
Chicago, IL 60624
May Elementary Community Academy
512 S Lavergne Ave
Chicago, IL 60644
Mayo Elementary School
249 E 37th St
Chicago, IL 60653
Morgan Elementary School
8407 S Kerfoot Ave
Chicago, IL 60620
Near North Elementary School
739 N Ada St
Chicago, IL 60642
Overton Elementary School
221 E 49th St
Chicago, IL 60615
Owens Elementary Community Academy
12450 S State St
Chicago, IL 60628
Paderewski Elementary Learning Academy
2221 S Lawndale Ave
Chicago, IL 60623
Parkman Elementary School
245 W 51st St
Chicago, IL 60609
Peabody Elementary School
1444 W Augusta Blvd
Chicago, IL 60622
Pershing West Middle School
3200 S Calumet Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
Pope Elementary School
1852 S Albany Ave
Chicago, IL 60623
Ross Elementary School
6059 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Ryerson Elementary School
646 N Lawndale Ave
Chicago, IL 60624
Sexton Elementary School
6020 S Langley Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Songhai Elementary Learning Institute
11725 S Perry Ave
Chicago, IL 60628
Stewart Elementary School
4525 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60640
Stockton Elementary School
4420 N Beacon St
Chicago, IL 60640
Trumbull Elementary School
5200 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60640
von Humboldt Elementary School
2620 W Hirsch St
Chicago, IL 60622
West Pullman Elementary School
11941 S Parnell Ave
Chicago, IL 60628
Williams Multiplex Elementary School
2710 S Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60616
Williams Preparatory Academy Middle School
2710 S Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60616
Woods Math & Science Academy ES
6206 S Racine Ave
Chicago, IL 60636
Yale Elementary School
7025 S Princeton Ave
Chicago, IL 60621
Carter Elementary School
5740 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Chalmers Specialty Elementary School
2745 W Roosevelt Rd
Chicago, IL 60608
Dewey Elementary Academy of Fine Arts
5415 S Union Ave
Chicago, IL 60609
Lewis Elementary School
1431 N Leamington Ave
Chicago, IL 60651
O'Keeffe Elementary School
6940 S Merrill Ave
Chicago, IL 60649
Dett Elementary School
2306 W Maypole Av
Chicago, IL 60612
Earle Elementary School
6121 S Hermitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60636
Fiske Elementary School
6145 S Ingleside Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Mays Elementary Academy
838 W Marquette Rd
Chicago, IL 60621
Melody Elementary School
412 S Keeler Ave
Chicago, IL 60624
Wadsworth Elementary School
6420 S University Ave
Chicago, IL 60637
Ward Elementary School
410 N Monticello Ave
Chicago, IL 60624
Wells Preparatory Elementary Academy
244 E Pershing Rd
Chicago, IL 60653
Burnham Elementary Inclusive Academy
1903 E 96th St
Chicago, IL 60617
Pershing Elementary Humanities Magnet
3113 S Rhodes Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
Wentworth Elementary School
6950 S Sangamon St
Chicago, IL 60621
Leland Elementary School
5221 W Congress Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60644
Courtenay Elementary Language Arts Center
1726 W Berteau Ave
Chicago, IL 60613
Attucks Elementary School
5055 S State St
Chicago, IL 60609

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